What are the Benefits of Fasting

Discussing what is intermitting fasting and the benefits of fasting?

Several years ago, after the birth of my third daughter, I became ill and had no awareness that my dietary actions contributed to my overall health and well-being. Through most of my childhood and adolescence, I’ve had health issues. It wasn’t until adulthood and three children later did my health deteriorated rapidly.

Naturally, I did what anyone does when illness strikes. I called the doctor and made an appointment. My doctor knows best, right? In my case, doctor after doctor, I was unsuccessful in determining what was going on with me. 

Long story short, I became a detective of my health.

I was determined to discover what ailed me and how to fix it.

Armed with information and dietary changes, including intermittent fasting I enlisted the help of a Clinical Nutritionist to uncover the final piece of the puzzle. Through all my research I became aware that just because my diet is “healthy” doesn’t mean I’m immune to further health issues or receiving the best nutrition possible.

Yes, with the help of my clinical nutritionists finally, I had answers. With a Thyroid Hormone diagnosis and other digestive struggles, I knew what habits I needed to change.

For instance, my carb and refined sugar intake needed an adjustment or better yet removed altogether. I swapped snacks for liquids and fresh vegetable juice. Lastly, I realized my calory intake was extremely high. I mean, I had to stop and ask myself why was I eating this often and this amount of food. Little did I know I had become insulin resistant.

To clarify and reiterate just because my diet is “healthy” doesn’t mean I’m immune to further health issues or receiving the best nutrition possible. This is why I can’t stress enough how effective intermittent fasting worked for me because fast gave my body and digestive system a chance to heal.

In addition to making this health change, I made a change to my lifestyle and gave up my day job as a Special Education teacher, and became a homeschooling homemaker. If you’re interested in making a change to homeschooling your child at home. I’m here to help!

Book your free 30-minute consultation and go ahead Ask Me Anything. Get your homeschool journey started today!

Now what?

Most importantly the point of this story is to share with you how I overcame my unhealthy lifestyle and encourage any reader to hope that one day you, too, will enjoy the benefits of practicing and participating in a healthy lifestyle through the help of intermittent fasting.

Here’s everything you need to know about the term fasting and fasting-related topics.

What are the benefits of fasting?

benefits of of fasting graph

What is Fasting?

Growing up, the only health advice I applied to my wellness came from my doctor(s) and not from some book or internet article. I only knew the term fasting as it is associated with scripture. I did not understand what fasting meant or the benefits of fasting.

I knew what my spiritual journey could become through prayer and fasting, but what is fasting? In simple terms, fasting means to abstain from all or some food or drink, especially as a religious observance (Dictionary). Religious observance, what does that mean?

What is Biblical Fasting?

According to scripture, fasting means voluntarily reducing or eliminating your food intake for a specific time and purpose. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is taught throughout scripture. Jesus expected His followers to fast as a means to draw each person into a deeper walk with God.  

What happens when I don’t eat?

Wait. What? Don’t eat!

Well, that is not how I grew up. I grew up on snacks and 3 square meals a day. The definition of “square meals” may vary from generation to generation, but our “square meals” consisted of carbs and lots of them. Yikes!

Where does fasting fit into improving overall health?

Like myself, you may be wondering, is skipping a meal healthy? Are there any benefits of fasting that work? Today, I’d like to share three health benefits of intermittent fasting and my experience with intermittent fasting.

Here’s what I’ve learned about the benefits of fasting.

Health Benefits of Fasting

the benefits of fasting spoon and clock

Insulin Sensitivity

I grew up eating carbs, refined sugars, unhealthy and synthetic ingredients, boxed foods, and processed meats. I could go on about my unhealthy diet, but according to the food pyramid, we ate great!

Little did I know the way I was eating was slowly killing me. Yes, not all carbs and natural sugars are “bad” for you, but in my case, carbs slowly put me on the path to low blood sugar and dangerously close to becoming diabetic.

Did you know that intermittent fasting may lower blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance? In my case, intermittent fasting balanced my blood sugar, and it improved my digestive health due to the reduction in food consumption. 

Reduction in Inflammation

Most of my health issues were due to chronic inflammation stemming from my overall digestive health and manifested in Thyroid Hormone issues made present through various inflammatory responses. Phew!

Inflammation explains why I had a never-ending cold throughout high school. Girl, pizza is not your best friend. It’s your kryptonite. 

A study from Yale School of Medicine concluded that

intermittent fasting cycles lasting less than 24 hours found that the inflammatory immune cells yield the same results as those on a low carb diet or high-intensity exercise program. The resulting conclusion from this study found a reduction of an inflammatory response affected by intermittent fasting.

I concur! My overall digestive health and immune response time have improved with the help of intermittent fasting.

Sleep Improvements

When your body’s insulin levels are functioning properly, and your digestive system is not overwhelmed by too much food, better sleep and sleep habits occur. One study found that a week of fasting resulted in less sleep arousal.

To sum it up makes sense that eating dinner at an earlier time of day or reducing food intake could affect sleep and sleep habits.

Other health benefits to intermittent fasting include

  • weight loss
  • better concentration
  • lower cholesterol
  • delayed aging (Amen to aging gracefully!)
  • clearer skin
  • and of course, mindful eating habits

To sum up.

I could go on about my experience with and the benefits of intermittent fasting. Still, today’s purpose is to share with you some advantages and experiences I’ve learned abstaining from food and focusing on my diet through intermittent fasting. 

My goal is not to overwhelm you with information but to arm you with confidence and hope in your fasting journey. 


*Just a friendly reminder, if you are considering fasting, please consult a doctor or clinical nutritionist before you do so.

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