Weekend Getaway Places to Visit in Denver Colorado

My husband and I had the incredible pleasure after 14 years of marriage and four children to disappear for a weekend getaway. Where’s a small town mom living in a homeschool housekeeping world suppose to take her husband on a midnight adventure going to go?

To Denver, Colorado, that’s where you go. Denver, the mile-high city, is located in the beautiful state of Colorado. After one weekend in this beautiful state, we were hooked! So hooked, we looked into purchasing a vacation property. Colorado or bust!

Downtown Denver Things To Do

Colorado is a beautiful state to explore if you’re looking for a fast weekend getaway and escape into the great outdoors. I enjoy taking the scenic route through the mountains or a hike in Colorado’s many national state parks. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy your stay in Colorado.

Garden of the God's Colorado

But if you’re not looking to explore the great outdoors for a quick weekend getaway, Denver is still the place to go. Denver’s downtown area offers many restaurants, galleries, museums, shopping for the indoorsy adventure or the history buff.

Need a place to stay? Try an Airbnb. Staying in a cozy Airbnb’s is a lovely way to spend your downtime away from the hustle and bustle of the city especially during COVID.

Here my weekend guide to Denver, Colorado!

Ghost Tour

Not sure where to start your day? Take the scenic route by nightfall. Check out any Denver ghost tour for a low price of only $25. Denver ghost tours are a great way to discover all there is to know about the city of Denver.

Historic Denver Walking Tour or Home Tour

Did you know the Unsinkable Molly Brown built her home down millionaire row in downtown Denver? Nor did I. Historical walking tours paint a picture of history today’s society has all but forgotten. Schedule a blast from the past visit the Molly Brown home and other historic homes during your time in Colorado.

16th Street Mall

Hungry and need a bite to eat? Check out 16th Street Mall and choose any of its various 42 outdoor cafes or restaurants to satisfy your hunger. Afterward, take a stroll down the South end of the mall and shop until your heart’s content.

Take a Drive Around the City of Denver

Tired of walking, rent a car and take a drive around Denver. I can think of no better way to experience the city than to venture out and see what the city has to offer.

Commons Park

Denver is known for its current hipster population and, of course, its beautiful walking trails. Commons Park, is located in downtown Denver near the 16th street mall adjacent to many walking trails. Get out and experience some fresh air while in Denver.

Lucky Strike Lanes

At Lucky Strike Denver you’re sure to find dinner, drinks, and entertainment. Hangout at the arcade, bowling alley, or in the classic parlor area for a relaxed, fun-filled evening.

Indoors Activities Continued…

Want to relax indoors for a while. Check out any one of these indoor activities. At the time we visited Denver, Covid restrictions only allowed for so many visitors. Be sure to check out websites for further information.

Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science

Brewery Tours

Union Station Denver

I hope you enjoy your stay in Denver, Colorado. We enjoyed our couples getaway, but we can’t wait to bring the kids with us and revisit Colorado soon. Are you considering planning a visit to Colorado soon? Be sure to check in with Things to Do in Colorado for the latest Covid information before planning your trip to Denver.

Did I miss anything? Where are your Colorado hangouts?


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