As a teacher, I had the privilege to teach students of all ages in the public school system for many years. The bulk of my teaching experience resided with the special education community. 

As a special education teacher, my job was to provide each child with a qualified education designed to meet each student’s individual needs. Additionally, ensuring that every student received all the necessary modifications required to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Over the years, I noticed that children and adults of all ages have sensory needs.

Regardless of age or ability level, both children and adults exhibit some external sensory need and desire to alleviate this need. As adults grow older, the child in use reaches for a quick sensory toy or stress ball to bring our stress level down and keep us motivated. We know what we like and aren’t afraid to use it.

In the classroom, that’s a different story. A student may not have access to sensory toys that meets their needs. Thus, The Busy Home was created.
My goal is to provide teachers, students, and parents with a sensory toy that, when in use, will allow any user to feel relaxed and comfortable with the world around them. 

Stress relief is on its way! 

Grab a color and texture as you pull, stretch, twist, squeeze, and much more with your new favorite sensory toy. 

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