Standardized Test for Homeschoolers

Answering questions about homeschool standardized testing.

Do homeschoolers have to take a standardized test?

If you are new to homeschooling, you might hear this question a lot. The answer is simple. If you live in the United States, it depends on your state. 

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On the other hand, let’s discuss what standardized testing is and answer a few questions about standardized testing.

homeschool consulting standardized test

What is standarized testing?

Standardized testing is a form of test or assessment requiring test takers to answer a selection of questions all similar in nature, then scored in a standard or consistent manner allowing for results to be compared in a similar way across or in a large scale quantity to determine a baseline of information to compare the relative performance of a group of students or individuals on a specific topic.

For example, some students may answer multiple-choice questions, and or true and false questions additionally including open-ended questions on pencil and paper or computerized.

Standardized tests yield average results, based on the average of what a standard for that said topic or subject.

So why are standard tests used at all?

What are standardized test used for?

Standardized testing may be used for a variety of purposes for instance,

  • acheivements test
  • apitude test
  • college admissions
  • international admissions
  • psychological testing
  • scope and sequence
  • developmental readiness on subject matter

Is Standardized Testing required?

Most states do not require a standardized test to receive a High School diploma.

However, some states require those homeschool parents to communicate with their local school district during their homeschool year. Additionally, some states may require your homeschooler to complete a provincial state exam to receive a High School diploma. 

Texas our Texas standarized testing infomation.

Did you know that Texas is a free state when it comes to homeschooling?

In Texas, homeschooled students are not required to take any state standardized test, register with a local school district, learn a specific curriculum, or be instructed by a local certified teacher. 

Homeschoolers in Texas fall under the guise of being educated in a private school setting.

In other words, every homeschool household is considered a private school institution. Allowing each homeschool family the right to any curriculum that benefits their child’s individual educational needs. Texas homeschool law requires that each homeschooled household educate their students on good citizenship, math, reading, spelling, and grammar.

In short, as a parent who homeschools in Texas, it is my choice to provide my children with an opportunity to take any or all standardized tests, if I so chose.

children studying for standardized test for homeschool
Visit How to Homeschool in Texas for more information.

Are standarized test necessary?

Texas grants homeschool parents the necessary choice as a private homeschool institution to allow their child to take any standardized test they deem necessary to obtain a high school diploma.

However, most homeschool parents in Texas choose to refrain from any state standardized testing (unless they will only homeschool a short while) and opt for a state exit exam or ACT or SAT testing for their child. 

So, is taking a standardized test necessary? The choice is up to you, the state you reside in, and your peace of mind.

To understand why some parents opt out of standardized testing check out more on the deschooling process here.

Lastly, let’s discuss the graduation process and standardized testing.

standardized test for homeschool

Are homeschoolers required to take a standardized test to graduate?

Likewise, no, your homeschool student does not need to take a standardized test to graduate high school unless your state law requires it.

To find out what the law says about homeschooling in your state, click here.

Personally, our family has chosen not to take any state standardized tests. Like most homeschool families, our children will be attending college via dual enrollment, eliminating the need for any standardized testing. Dual enrollment is one of my favorite reasons to homeschool.

In conclusion

For a complete list of standardized testing based on your state requirement, click here

To clarify. Homeschooling is a choice. Provided your state’s requirement, again, it is your choice to participate in standardized testing and continuing education. You as the parent are free to make the decision based on your child’s needs, wants, goals, and abilities.

As always, enjoy the homeschooling process.

Are you a homeschool parent whose child will take a standardized test?

What state do you homeschool in?


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