Spelling Curriculum for Homeschoolers

As a first-time homeschool parent, I thought teaching spelling would be easy peasy. Boy, I was wrong. I struggled to choose the right homeschool curriculum and identify my child’s particular learning style

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But for now, I’d like to clear up any concerns regarding homeschooling spelling curriculum. 

Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

What is Spelling?

Spelling is a sequence of letters composing a word to create a way in which a word is spelled. Spelling is also a skill that is learned and takes part in various aspects of daily life.

From writing a grocery list to sending a text message, correct spelling offers insight to understand the context of written language and the meaning of intended communication.  

How is Spelling Taught

To teach spelling, a teacher should recognize a child’s understanding of the learning process. A child learns to spell by using rote visual memory to create letters into words of an identifiable language. Just as you string beads on a necklace, a child would piece together letters to make words. 

Each child’s ability to spell depends on the child’s knowledge of spoken and written word structure, meaning that spelling is easier taught and acquired when a child is developmentally ready to piece together individual letters to form words. 

What is the right curriculum to teach spelling?

In my opinion, I believe that spelling can be taught while learning in the context of a language arts curriculum. Or my child can also learn how to spell correctly from her environment via dictation and repetition, typing programs, writing a grocery list, reading a story followed by a book report, etc.

Remember, a child is ready to spell based on their individual development.

Teaching spelling never sounded so easy. Right? If that’s the case, children learn from their environment and comprehend spelling skills when they are developmentally ready, so why do you need a spelling curriculum?  

Homeschool Quotes

Aside from the fact that we know our children learn from their environment and learn when they are developmentally ready, as parents, we tend to forget about our child’s unique individual learning style.

Your child’s learning style drives us as parents to identify the right curriculum for our child to become an excellent speller. 

Spelling Curriculum List

Tips to remember when choosing the best spelling curriculum for your child’s developmental readiness;

  • understand your child’s unique learning style
  • identify child’s strengths, challenges, weakness, and struggles
  • know the learning environment

Got it! Great, let’s get started.

To help you on your search for the right homeschool spelling curriculum based on your child’s learning style and development, here’s a complete list of spelling curricula to get you started with your research for a curriculum that fits you and your family.

No matter what the age.

Spelling Curriculum

Christian and Secular Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Abeka -Cursive and Spelling and Poetry

All About Spelling

Spelling You See

BJU Press-Spelling and Reading Comprehension

Gather Around Homeschool (Spelling and Language Arts)

Brave Writer (Spelling and Language Arts)

Sound Foundations

Barton Reading and Spelling

Critical Thinking Company

Soaring with Spelling

Practical Spelling

Nessy Reading and Spelling

Logic of English (Spelling and Language Arts)

Moving Beyond the Page

Evan-Moor Spelling

Michael Clay Thompson


Spelling by Sound and Structure

Spelling Workout Series

Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary

Sequential Spelling

Weaver Success in Spelling

10 Minutes a Day Spelling

No More Phonics and Spelling Worksheets

Winter Promise

Final Notes

My last friendly reminder is,

to explore what curriculum is the easiest way to teach spelling is for you as the homeschool educator.

If you’re stressed teaching your child, then examine your teaching strategy before you consider changing curriculums.

Remember, if your student can sense that you might be feeling uncomfortable teaching the curriculum, then learning is no longer fun for anyone.


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