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Digital download of Potty Training Bundle’s Printable Resource includes visual cue cards and charts.

Potty training isn’t easy, but with the right support your toilet trainee is sure to be successful. Help children achieve toilet training success by using visual cues, rewards charts and positive reinforcement.

Place visual cue cards in your home or classroom or clip cards together when on the go. Using a visual reminder prompts children to use appropriate bathroom responses in all social settings.

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The use of a visual schedule is a great addition to your home or classroom environment. Choose the necessary schedule or tracker to tailor to your child’s unique needs. Reward systems give any child the opportunity to train with success using subtle positive reinforcement. Adults can place cue cards in necessary locations or clip cards together to help reinforce positive toilet training habits. Laminate cue cards and schedule for durability and Velcro to necessary locations. Or print as many copies as needed.

If your trainee isn’t feeling up to using the rewards chart or visual schedule the potty training tracker is a great resource to have as you jot down potty training notes to keep you potty trainee happy.


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