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Use this Digital Download Printable Phonic Blend Budle as your go to phonic practice at home or in the classroom. 

Is teaching phonics not your strong suit? You are not alone. When teaching phonics methods, the goal to remember is that you are setting your child up to know how to sound out words they do not know or remember. 

Have fun with phonics! This Phonics Blend Bundle includes a range of charts, games and worksheets covering various blend sounds. 

The worksheets will provide students with the opportunity to use various visual cues as they work on identifying blend sounds associated with picture and spelling skills. 

What’s included

  • What is a blend chart?
  • What is a Diagraph Chart?
  • Common Blends Cues
  • Common Diagraph Cues
  • 4 Blend Sounds Worksheets
  • 1 Blend sound game

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How to use this product:

Use as a supplemental aid for the current curriculum.

As a starting point to determine how a child learns and understands phonics.

Testing measures for understanding phonics

Or as extra homework practice


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