1-12 Grades Book Review – Printable Digital Download

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Easy prep and engaging digital download printable resource for a motivating way to encourage students or homeschoolers to write or describe meaningful book reviews. With many templates to choose from students can easily wrap up any reading project or assignment. Assign templates as a book review project, homework or extra classwork for homeschool students and classroom students alike.

Product Includes:

  • 7 book review printable template
  • Note this is not an editable resource. Printable templates only
  • Print release form allows purchasers to print and use as many copies necessary.

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How to use the product:

Students or teachers choose a template to complete and follow the directions listed on each template.

Templates can be used for fiction or nonfiction reviews or multiple story reviews.

Character analysis


Book analysis


Student may choose to draw responses or answer simple questions.

Teachers can follow up with an additional response or extend the review future.


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