Language Arts Curriculum

A comprehensive list of homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

Homeschooling, just like homemaking, is an art. Homeschooling is a continual learning process of do’s and don’ts discovered through trial and error. Most days, I feel as though I’ve covered everything there is to be taught and learned from a lesson. Then there are days, I feel as though I’ve accomplished nothing and taken twice as long to teach a homeschool lesson.

Less is more, I always say. Practicing what you preach is not a piece of cake. Suppose you are struggling in a particular area of homeschooling and wish to surrender?

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Help is on the way so you don’t struggle as I have.

Don't let homeschool stress you out.

From former public-school teacher to homeschool teacher, I’m here to tell you there is no one size fits all regarding language arts curriculum. The trick is to think quality over quantity with a little Charlotte Mason ideology in the mix. Did you know, language arts encompasses everything you teach?

How to Choose Curriculum Right for You?

Children learn best from their environment. From math to science to writing a grocery list or exploring literature on any subject, our children are immersed in writing, reading, grammar, spelling, identifying context, and more.

The question is, how much more do our children need from a language arts curriculum?

As homeschooling grows in popularity and parents seek involvement in their child’s education at home the door is open for parents to seek out many homeschool curriculum options. Whether you are in need of filling in learning gaps or a simple change of pace with your current language arts curriculum there are plenty of options to choose from.

Before selecting a homeschool language art curriculum, I implore you to

  • research your options
  • discover what works for both you and your child

as you consider what each curriculum program will

  • teach your child
  • what you want from the curriculum
  •  how the curriculum is taught

Language Arts Curriculum Options from Christian to Secular

All About Reading

Explore the Code

Sound Foundations

Barton Reading

Reading Eggs

Teach your Monster to Read

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Logic Of English

Brave Writer

IEW Fix It Grammar

Grammar Galaxy

Michael Clay Thompson Grammar

First Language Lessons

Analytical Grammar

Growing with Grammar

My Father’s World


Life Pac


Learning Language Arts through Literature

Language Lesson through Living Education

Winter Promise

The Good and the Beautiful


Moving Beyond the Page

and many more.

The joy and art of homeschooling.

Did I miss a language arts program that you use? Let me know!


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