Kids Potty Training Bundle

Potty training is many things, but easy is far from it. Each trainee is different and learns differently. As a mom of 4, I can tell you that I trained each daughter differently. Not only did I struggle to manage my homeschool and homemaking duties, but I fell victim to potty stress. Long story short.

How it started.

I like to start potty training each child over the weekend, so my husband and I can tag team and take on toilet training duty together. I share more about my potty training experience here, including when and how-to and potty training prep.

Potty Training Printable Charts

Quick Tip!

My go-to supplies are reinforcements, plenty of clothing for accidents, and a potty training tracker or schedule. Did you say potty training tracker? But isn’t a tracker used to potty train a puppy? Yes! Potty training schedules or trackers have multiple uses.

Complete Potty Training Bundle available here!

How to use a potty training schedule for your child?

Potty Training Schedule

Every trainee is different and has their own unique personal learning style. A potty training schedule is a schedule you and your trainee can use jointly as a visual aid or cue to encourage positive reinforcement to obtain an achievable goal. Over time the plan will be to decrease supports and cues as the trainee naturally learns.

potty training reward chart
A child may color in stars as each potty training task is met.

potty training reward chart
Or use stickers if preferred.

Visual Cue

Visual cue cards encourage trainees as a friendly reminder to take charge of their own lives as they gain independence through toilet training. You or your trainee can use visual cue cards anywhere your trainee requires support.

potty training cue cards

Click here for cue cards.

potty training cue cards

Print out cue cards, laminate for durability, and velcro or sticky tack cards in various areas of your home.

potty training bundle cue cards
Scotch laminator and laminating pouches for at-home use.

Or print and bundle cards up to create a flipbook for on-the-go training.

Remember! When using a visual cue, the idea is to set the child up for success and then, fade the prompt as the goal becomes achieved.

potty training bundle cue cards

Toilet Tracker

Some children chose not to use a visual schedule or cues. However, we parents may need every support available during this journey.

As training progresses, I like to fade my visual cue and rely on my toilet tracker chart to help keep me on schedule as I track my child’s needs. The toilet training tracker is a great tool to use for your child.

Toilet tracker works well for training in a special needs setting, early childhood intervention, and puppies too!

potty training tracker
A tracker tool can be used to keep track of your puppy’s train habits.

Reward System

A reward system is an excellent tool as part of the toilet training process. When we reached the end of our potty training weekend, I used the rewards system and visual cues to remind her how far she has come in her toilet training process.

Click here and get your reward system today!

potty training bundle reward chart and kid
Oops, my spelling error is corrected and is available for purchase today.

Certificates may be given once toilet training has successfully been completed. The look on a child’s face is priceless upon receiving the reward.

Friendly Reminder

“Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”- Joshua J. Marine

“I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”- Benjamin Franklin

Inspirational Quote for parents potty training bundle

Leave the toilet training woes to someone else; you got this!

Happy training!


P.S I purchased my laminator and laminating pouches from Walmart years ago. This is the updated model of my current laminator.


Scotch Thermal Laminating Machine

Thermal Laminating Machine Pouches

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