Journaling; an Inexpensive Form of Self-Care

What’s all this hype about journaling? Why should I make the time to journal? Journaling is more than just writing your thoughts or ideas onto a piece of paper.

Journaling is the embodiment of self-care. 

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite aspects of self-care with you today and why you should journal too.

Did you know that journaling is a form of self-care?

Society today bombards us with slogans such as “do you”, “treat yo’self”, “you deserve it”, and so on. Advertisers portray self-care to women through personal care products and online images for the best items one can buy to encourage us to become the best version of ourselves. 

Self Care and Self Help and Journaling

Well, I’m here to say, try journaling first.

Yes, I have fallen victim to unnecessary purchases for my self-care needs only to spend money I don’t have, and to have my purchase end up in a drawer collecting dust. My personal-care journey is far from over. But what I can share with you is that none of the products I purchased took care of my overall health, like journaling. 

Why I Journal?

There’s more to journaling than writing thoughts down on paper or an electronic device. Journaling not only cares for your mental health but your physical and emotional health too. 

Journaling is the easiest way for me to feel connected and focused on my day-to-day tasks.

I’m a visual person with the need to stay and feel organized and grounded into a routine of self-care. Being of a visual and eccentric personality (also an air sign), I talk to myself as well as talk myself in and out of things.

Journaling provides a visual representation of the 1000 tabs going on in my brain. Now, with a rip of a page, I can keep said thought(s) or throw it away. Journaling is great for my visual, intuitive personality. 

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Why Journal?

Each day is a page in the book of life.

Why not keep track of life’s journeys and adventures? It’s never too late or the wrong time to jot down what captures your emotions and sparks your creativity.

Here are some of the benefits of making journaling a part of your self-care routine. 

Increase your intuition when you keep track of the subtle ways your intuition comes through—giving a baseline to develop your intuitive style and a sense of comfort to refer back to when you hear your inner voice.

It frees up your emotions, stressors, and anxieties as you establish interpersonal notes and dialogues about what triggers your negative emotions—giving your immune system a break, taking your body from fight or flight mode to rest and digest. 

Journaling invokes our creative side while simultaneously improving writing and communication skills, allowing freedom of expression without judgment as we write away. 

I feel creative when I write; as my creativity explodes onto the pages in my journal, I am blessed with a record of personal growth, memories, and helpful habits to keep me positive. 

If these reasons don’t strike your fancy and make you want to pick up your pen and write away,

here are more ways to use journaling for your self-care needs.

  • freedom of expression
  • helps you put your thoughts in order 
  • check-in with yourself
  • power of opening-up
  • reduce stress
  • improves immune function
  • keeps memory sharp
  • boost mood and
  • Lastly, strengthens emotional functions

journaling and taking notes for self care

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Need help getting started? Journaling can be as easy as…

pen, paper and your thoughts, ideas, or simple notes

or via journaling prompts

drawing your thoughts, or any other form of expression art expression

using your computer or notepad on your phone to jot down a feeling, thought, or emotion

sticky notes placed inside a notebook

journal jar, similar to a prayer jar

or start a journal based on a specific topic, idea, practice, ritual, to-do list, etc.

….the possibilities are endless.

The point is to start somewhere, give it a go and stick with it. It’s important to remember this is your self-care process, a time to create and be you without fear of being the subject of ridicule. Once you start, you can look back and see how you have grown. 

I hope I’ve shed some light on why journaling can be an essential practice to add to your self-care routine or ritual. Start writing and let the magic happen. 


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