Looking put Together

Five simple steps to instantly look put together every homeschool homemaker should know!

How to secrets from a homeschooling homemaker.

As a full-time homeschool homemaker and mother of 4, I don’t have hours to put myself together. Nor do I want to! A peek into my closet will tell you, I’m not a famous influencer or spend a ton of money. My closet will say to you, I’m affordable, and she prefers to wear black. 

Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about my style and body type.

Looking put together, classic, and effortlessly chic doesn’t require many hours or many dollars.

Accomplishing effortless chic style and looking put together as a busy mom or a working mom is obtainable with a few key pieces and five simple steps.

how to look put together homeschool homemaker person clothes sunglasses

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My 5 Step Guide to Looking like a Mom who Looks Put Together

Neutral or Muted Color Pallet

Neutral colors are a timeless color pallet and staples in my wardrobe.

For example, as a busy mom, choosing timeless neutral colors for my everyday look makes getting dressed a snap. I feel happy and relaxed knowing that greys, blacks, blues, whites, and the occasional pop of color won’t let me down. 

Most importantly?

Wearing neutral colors gives off an air of looking put together and polished.

I can choose to wear monochromatic or mix and match neutrals.

Sticking to the basics keeps my budget from playing the guessing game. When I wear a neutral color pallet, I can focus on purchasing quality pieces to suit my year-round capsule wardrobe. Subsequently, suiting any hair color and or style I’ve chosen for the day.

Hairstyle is the next step in the process of looking put together.

how to look put together person wearing pink and black
Ready for homeschool co-op! Jeans and jacket old navy, shoe target, shirt express, jewelry is custom made, purse kate spade, belt Gucci

Effortless Hair 

The trick to effortless-looking hair is hair care and hair cut. My hair is cut based on my body type and face shape.

I use products that keep my hair looking natural and chic, the French girl way.

My hair is cut to a length I can effortlessly style to look chic, modern, and timeless. I prefer to have a hairstyle that fits in with my lifestyle as a busy homeschool homemaker.

Buns away! To look put together and well-groomed.

Manicure and Pedicure

Did you know that one of the first things someone may notice about you is your hands or feet?

With everyday use, our hands and feet are exposed to everything in our daily life. Well-manicured nails keep you feeling and looking healthy. 

how to look put together hands and nail polish

Take 5 to 10 minutes a day to thank your hands and feet.

No need to hit the nail salon; a simple in-home manicure will do. Keeping your nails short (if you choose), neat, and clean is all anyone can ask for.

Well-groomed nails look great will accessories.

Low Key Accessories 

Less is more!

Low key, simple, classic, and chic are words that should come to mind when you are shopping for accessories.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Try wearing accessories that aren’t too loud, bold, trendy, and overrated while still making a statement.

Simple accessories serve their purpose and add finishing touches to any outfit. Remember quality over quantity. Likewise, minimal makeup speaks volumes.

Looking Put Together accessories

Minimal Makeup

Today’s trend is the natural everyday makeup look. Wearing a fresh face with minimal makeup is a timeless look that’s sure to show your true beauty.

To achieve this look, I like to start with nailing my skincare routine including sunscreen. Follow with BB cream, bronzer, blush, and mascara.

I want my face to look fresh and like me, imperfections and all. 

To sum up with parting secrets


I’m by no means a stylist, just a mom sharing a few tips and secrets. Looking effortlessly chic and feeling put together takes time, energy, and some getting used to.


  • Knowing what you like to wear,
  • your daily habits and routines,
  • chose quality over quanity,
  • limit trends,
  • stick to neutrals,
  • add pops of color suitable for your skin tone,
  • wear simple excessories,
  • identify clothing for body type,
  • and how much time you have to spend getting ready  

makes all the difference when it comes to looking easily put together.


The truth is, looking put together is obtainable and suited to a number of sizes, shapes, and budgets.

All you need to do to get started planning the best wardrobe every is

  • start your research,
  • identify what colors suit you,
  • know your body type, and
  • lastly, stick to a budget.

Yes, it sounds like a lot, but once all the details come into place and your research is implemented, an effortless style will come together. 

Here’s to looking effortlessly chic and put together!


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