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Are you considering homeschooling, or perhaps you already homeschool and have homeschool questions? Or maybe you desire to homeschool your children but don’t know where to start? Whatever your dilemma, I’ll let you in on a little secret; I was once afraid. Ask Me Anything; I’m here to listen and help if I can.

Because of the change of uncertainty this school year, parents find themselves facing many challenges, from job loss to child care to your child’s education. It’s during times like this that we as parents struggle with unanswered questions. If you’ve landed on this page, it must be for a reason, whether a need or curiosity. Let me be your guide to helping you navigate your homeschool needs.

Hi, I’m Jaclyn! Former public-school teacher turned homeschool homemaker. Growing up, my dream was to become a homemaker. I enjoy traditional inspiration in today’s modern society. I believe the role of the homemaker is essential to building strong foundations for our children and families.

Shortly after, I began working as an educator. I felt a strong desire to homeschool my children. Don’t let my Education degree fool you. When I left the brick and mortar classroom to homeschool my children, I thought I had it all together seven years ago. But, just like everyone else new to homeschooling, I became less and less sure of myself. Secret 2: The first year of homeschooling is always the experiment.

15 Minute Consultation | FREE

Suppose you’re inspired by everyday living, traditional values, homemaking, and homeschool with a purpose, then welcome! I’m here to help! I’ve been where you are. If you are wondering where to start your homeschool journey, what curriculum to use, do I need a schedule, my state requirements, …etc. Sign up for a free 15 minutes consultation to see if I can help you with your homeschool journey.

30 Minute

Consultation | $25

During our 30 Minute Consultation, you can ask me anything (yes, anything). Whether you have questions about what curriculum to use, how to create a schedule for your child, or even how to transition from public school to homeschool, I’ve got you covered. In this consultation, you’ll receive

· 30 Minute 1-on-1 Video or Phone Call Session where you can ask me any questions you have about homeschooling.

· Detailed consultation recap provided via email

Homeschool Curriculum

Consultation Package | $55

Choosing the right homeschool curriculum is one of the most critical factors in successfully homeschooling your child. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, I will work with you to first understand your child and family’s needs, then recommend the curriculum to meet your needs and ensure your homeschool success. This Package includes:

· Comprehensive Review of Your Intake Questionnaire

· 1 Hour video or phone call to discuss your child and family’s homeschool needs

· Curriculum Report detailing my curriculum recommendations

· 30 minute video or phone call to discuss the Curriculum Report and my recommendations

Custom Homeschool Development

Plan and Support Package | $98

Suppose you’re committed to homeschooling your children for the long haul. In that case, you must set up key fundamentals to foster the perfect homeschool environment and routine to ensure your children learn and thrive (and you stay sane too). This Package Includes:

· Comprehensive Review of Your Intake Questionnaire

· 1 Hour video or phone call to discuss your child and family’s homeschool needs

· Detailed Report outlining my homeschool recommendations specific to your child and family’s needs including curriculum selection recommendations, homeschool schedule, planning recommendations and more.

· Report and Recommendation Call: 30 minute video or phone call to discuss the my report and recommendations

· Beginning of the Year Check In Call: 30 minute beginning of the school year check in video or phone call to ensure you are set up for success

· Mid-Year Check In Call: 30 minute mid-year video or phone call to answer any questions you may have about homeschooling

· 2 email consultations where you can ask me any questions you have about your homeschooling needs and I will get back to you


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