Your introduction to homeschooling.

It's a parent's responsibility to raise their children to be productive members of society; a child's education plays a significant role in that process. I was once where you are. Unsure of what to do next while longing to stay home and homeschool my children. 

Now 9 years into homeschooling and 8 years away from teaching public school students. I'm sharing my journey and what I've learned on my homeschool journey. My goal is to provide necessary information about the homeschooling process leading each parent to decide the future of their child's education. Upon completing this course, parents will have the required confidence to start their homeschool journey successfully. 

This e-course is not for those parents who have already started homeschooling and seek additional information related to specific educational homeschool topics. 

Homeschool 101 includes 10 lessons covering:

  • homeschool law
  • deschooling
  • learning styles theory
  • curriculum overview
  • general homeschool-specific questions
  • the difference between homeschool and public school
  • what a school system is designed to do and not to do.

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How this course works once enrolled:

First, answer the survey questions. This way, you know what you want out of this course or understand what brought you here today. It always helps to jot things down and have a clear direction.

Next, follow the course in order of chapters. Print out the note sheet to take notes just in case. Then, complete each video chapter. Do note if you need to exit out of the course at any time, your place will be saved in the course program.

Finally, answer the survey questions at the end of the course, so I know how to improve or help you in the future.

Lastly, what you will achieve by taking Homeschool 101 is a relief knowing that homeschooling is an obtainable goal and possess the necessary knowledge and tools to begin homeschooling in no time.

Don't delay. Start your homeschool journey today!

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Whether you are new to homeschooling, or a seasoned homeschooling parent with years of experience, you’ll find all the support you need on your homeschooling journey. 


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