Easy Housekeeping Tips for the Everyday Homemaker

What is a homemaker?

homemaker is a person who cares for and manages the needs of their home and family in a manner that creates a pleasant environment and place of value for their household.

A homemaker’s role transcends the confines of the four walls of a home, and every aspect of daily life is done with design, purpose, and intent.

Homemaking isn’t automatic for some. Like everything else, homemaking is a skill.

Every skill must be learned, nurtured, and tested through trial and error. As life moves forward and changes, families grow or move on to new adventures, so does the art of homemaking. The art of homemaking is designing a home that ignites a sense of warmth and fuzzy—a cozy feeling of safety and security when one steps inside.

How do you do that?

How is homemaking done with design, purpose, and intent?

Well, let me tell you!

Below I’ll share what I’ve learned in 7 simple, easy homemaking tips, tricks, or secrets that today’s homemakers should be using. Think of these tips as a simple homemaking system to ease today’s homemakers into automatic mode.

7 Tips, Ticks, and Secrets to Easy Homemaking

Establish a Routine

Survival is the word I frequently use in my vocabulary. When my days as a homeschooling homemaker leave me feeling overwhelmed and overworked, it is my routine that keeps my housework in check. A routine or pattern can be anything you do in your daily walk to help you get through your day—a to-do list or a schedule, whatever you choose.

My morning routine:

  • Wake up
  • Skin Care
  • Get dressed
  • Open blinds
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Wipe down counters
  • Sweep the floors
  • Bible Study

I spend about fifteen minutes in the morning attending to a few housekeeping duties. Each morning’s tasks are different, but my routine remains the same. Most mornings, I add an extra to-do to my list. The idea behind my morning routine of tidying up is to create a stress-free environment for myself and the family.

Schedule and To-Do list

We all have unique ways in which we learn and do things. For some of us, we are visual learners. Others are hands-on and auditory. We learn best by following an example and listening to information on a topic.

I’m a visual, hands-on learner. I like to keep a schedule, nothing fancy, just something I can write on to plan out my week.

For a free block schedule template, click here.

Budget and Finances

Homemaking encompasses a variety of areas from, cooking, to housekeeping, to home décor. Knowing your budget and making use of your finances is an excellent start to discovering how to manage your home effectively.

We budget for three main areas of our finances: cleaning, meal planning, and home décor.

My job as a homemaker is to keep our house germ and allergy-free, which can sometimes mean trying out a new product or two. The same goes for home décor. Creating an environment that exudes warm and fuzzy may not be budget-friendly.

Our budget takes a hit when one of my children has a growth spurt, is sick, or my husband decides to pack a lunch, both of which cause my weekly meal planning budget to waver. My role as a homemaker is to be aware and prepared for any situation, including keeping on budget.


Speaking of budgeting and finances, investing in your home environment is never a bad thing. I like to invest in cleaning products to help me complete my housekeeping chores effectively and efficiently.

Housekeeping became a lot easier when I purchased a cordless vacuum and mop.

Household Products

Speed Cleaning

When work, homeschool, or everyday life keeps me busy, speed cleaning comes in handy. I set a timer for 10 minutes (or however long I choose) and clean. I start with one room or area and get busy. I often enlist the help of family and friends when feeling unmotivated.

When speed cleaning, the goal is to clear a path and take the edge off. Save deep cleaning for another day.

Hobby and Skills

We are busy as homemakers, and it’s okay to take time out for ourselves. Learning a new hobby or new skill can help distract us from our surroundings, if only for a minute. Our job never stops. We, homemakers, are busy 24/7. Make self-care a part of your routine and a habit that fits into your schedule. Housekeeping and or homeschool work can become antiquated and boring.

Homemaking doesn’t have to define who you are. Try something new or perhaps even a new homemaking skill.


I’ve been a housekeeper since I can remember. I’ve enjoyed keeping my living area neat, clean, and tidy. For the last 14 years, I’ve taken on the role or title of homemaker. My role as a homemaker has changed to include homeschool homemaker, traveling homemaker, gardener, soccer mom, etc., and will continue to change over my lifetime.

As life continues to change and my role as homemaker changes, I’ve learned to add non-negotiables into my routine. Non-negotiables are any task, place, or thing that has to happen during my daily routine without a doubt. Some of my non-negotiables include; tea time, quiet morning time, mom’s night out, date night, and daily laundry.

Homemaking Quotes
Biblical Quotes

Parting Thoughts

Today, I hope to encourage you as homemakers who feel overwhelmed or require some inspiration when it comes to the care of your home. Want to hear my secret to homemaking success?

Never stop learning. Every day is a learning process, and even after 14 years, I’m still learning.

My prayer is that sharing with you these tips, tricks, or secrets will put your mind at ease and gain perspective into the world of today’s homemakers. Don’t sweat the small stuff. “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.” Psalm 18:2

Take heart in your rock and use him to design a home filled with love, purpose, and intent.

Happy homemaking!


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