Decluttering Your Home

As we have made it through the first month of the new year and the holiday season’s hustle and bustle have come and gone, including holiday clean-up, a thought crossed my mind. I need to declutter our home. We are grateful for yet another holiday season the Lord gave us; it’s time to purge a few items to replace the new ones.

We all have ways we like to start a project, but dear reader, if you’re on the fence as to where to start your purge, here are a few tips from a homeschooling homemaker to get you started including a free printable decluttering checklist to help you along your journey.

Example Checklist

Whether you’re decluttering in part to simplify your lifestyle or fulfill a New Years’ resolution to adopt a minimalist attitude, decluttering an entire home is quite the undertaking. In my opinion, the best practice is to tackle a whole house full of clutter in stages.

No need to hire Kon Mari, but instead, start with a checklist and a room. I’m a visual person. Using a list helps me identify how to purge and what to purge. Never underestimate the use of a good checklist, as you create a list of things to declutter. Checking off each item on my list is oh, so satisfying and a confidence booster!

Declutter Checklist Ideas

Decluttering Tips and Tricks

One Space or Zone

The trick to staying calm while undertaking a house full of clutter is to

  • focus on one room at a time and
  • to narrow your focus to one designated space or centralized zone in each desired room.

By targeting a small area of space in each room, you’ve given yourself the confidence needed to continue your decluttering process as you quickly see each targeted spaced decluttered with purpose.

Decluttering Tips and Tricks


Declutter or purge with a purpose.

No matter which room you start with, categorize your decluttering process.

Let your checklist be a guide.

Use your checklist to determine your targeted items in each room to prioritize your need to purge. You decide what to purge; the choice is up to you.

Then as you declutter your designated zones of choice in each room, categorize your declutter into 3 areas;

Decluttering Tips

Throw Away expired items (medicine, vitamins, food, etc.) or worn items (old socks, toys, clothes).

Keep any items of importance or frequently used and

Donate or sell (market place) any gently used items.

My rule of thumb is; if no one has touched it in about 6 months, it’s time to say goodbye. The decluttering purging process is to keep any items of significance or frequently used in our daily life.

The Takeaway

If you’re anything like me, decluttering is a challenge.

Knowing where to purge and how to purge gives me hope and the confidence I need to continue with my decluttering process.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help in the process. Or even speed clean your declutter zone.

However, you choose to start the decluttering process, the takeaway is to rise to the challenge and finish the job no matter how long or slow it takes.

Happy decluttering!


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