Cleaning Tips for the Unmotivated Homemaker

Happiness is… a freshly cleaned house, laundry folded and put away, and dinner ready on time. Who’s suppose to do that? Oh, wait that’s me. Hi, I’m Jaclyn your resident homeschool homemaker whose house was cleaned yesterday and I’m sorry you missed it. The bathroom smelt fantastic!

It’s no secret that I’d rather lie on clean laundry than to fold the clothes and put them away. I feel like I am caught in a never-ending cycle of dishes, laundry and vacuuming. Yes, a clean home is a happy home, but what about when I’m tired from the long day and the dust bunnies have killed off the fairy magic? Then what?

Today’s post is all about sharing ways to get motivated to clean. As luck would have it, I have a few tips and secrets up my sleeve, that I use to spark my inner fairy magic and do a bit of housekeeping. These tried-and-true tips, in no particular order, can take you into a state of cleanliness. Here’s to shedding light on your dirty little secrets and keeping a clean house. Let’s get motivated!

Unexpected Visitors

Nothing gets you motived to clean when you see a text from a friend or family member that says, “I’ve been thinking of you, I’m coming over.” I’ve never seen my girls clean that fast. On weeks when I know life is running at a brisk pace and housekeeping falls to the wayside, I invite a friend over or schedule a playdate for the girls as a little friendly reminder to myself to clean up. I have no excuse; someone is coming over, time to clean up.

Know thy Schedule

Every morning I sit down for about 10 minutes to create a daily checklist. Of course, I usually add to it or take away from my list as the day progresses. Our homeschool day runs off of a block schedule. Click here for a free block schedule template. Using a block schedule allows me to visualize my schedule and find any free chunks of time I may have to complete a few chores on my daily schedule. 


We are creatures of habit. Knowing this gives me plenty of opportunities to create a routine, enabling me to add a few chores into my day. I intentionally start my morning by unloading the dishwasher and starting a laundry load, then planning out breakfast. Both tasks take about 15 minutes total, and those 15 minutes are minutes I can count on in my daily schedule to guarantee that I have completed a few jobs before the day begins.

Homemaking Quotes

Listening Skills

Turn up the music and get busy! My audio preferences include a podcast, audiobook, or YouTube. I enjoy listening to books and podcasts to keep me in the know. Learning new ways to accomplish a particular task or learning about a new topic enriches my soul. I love to learn! I only listen when I clean, and I clean when I listen. If I’m aching to listen to something to clear my parent-teacher conference with myself out of my head, I know it’s time to clean.

Setting an Example

What housekeeping example are you setting? I often ask myself, what kind of homemaker or housekeeper do I want to be or do I want my children to learn to be? These are questions I keep at the forefront of my innermost thoughts—children imitate what they see. I want to show my children the lost art of homemaking. Least I forget, the previous generation of homemakers who worked far harder than I with a lot less. Wow, I can’t imagine having to empty a vacuum bag or keep the fire going to prepare food for dinner. No, thank you, I like using my cordless vacuum and Instapot.

Know thy Strength and Solitude

Staying rooted in my faith, taking time for prayer and reflection keeps me ground with my housekeeping endeavors. I struggle with some health issues. When I don’t keep myself in check through prayer and scripture, I fall apart, and my body lets me know it. Taking time out to strengthen my mental status gives me all the clarity I need to take on the day. Realistically, a Proverbs 31 woman doesn’t exist, but it doesn’t mean diminishing any duties as a wife and homemaker are acceptable.

Living Biblically Homemaking Quotes

Treat Yo’self

My secret to cleanliness is chocolate. I have no shame in admitting to needing a little reward here and there. I set a goal, and I accomplish it through tangible reinforcements when necessary. Everyone needs a little motivation here or there. Mine happens to be in the form of a chocolate bar with peanuts.

Treat Yo'Self Homaker

Ask for Help

In college while I was single, I lived by myself and or with an occasional roommate. Choose your friends wisely, they say. They be right! Looking back, I’m glad my friends and I helped keep each other accountable for our housekeeping. We’d turn on some music and get to cleaning. The same concept applies in my adult life. Girls, it’s time for a lesson in chores! Today’s class includes the art of mopping and dusting, and yes, there will be a backlight test. No cheating, please.

Speed Cleaning

I’m not saying my house looks immaculate, but at least it is picked up. Set a timer for 10 minutes or however long you choose and see what happens in 10 minutes. Start with one room or one task, and that’s it. Whatever chores are complete in 10 minutes, you did your job. Go ahead, be proud of your 10-minute accomplishments.

Speed clean when your too tired to clean.

Just do it

Room choice doesn’t matter or how many rooms or even what the ending result yields. All that matters is you start to clean, and eventually, motivation will come. If inspiration does not arrive or even knock at the door, no worries, at least you tried. Remember, ask for help or work slowly. There is no right or wrong way to tidy up.

Homemakers life

Parting thought of the day, before the magical cleaning fairies arrive. I want to make one thing clear. We are not talking deep cleaning here, only essential, simple cleaning motivation to clear a path into your next day. That is all.


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