Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

A comprehensive list of the best homeschool math curriculum to help parents move forward with choosing the right math curriculum for their homeschool students.

Searching for a homeschool math curriculum can be intimidating, to say the least.

Type the words homeschool math curriculum into the google search bar and WOW.

Where are the lavender essential oils!

This google search will take curriculum seekers to a land far beyond imagination. Completing a detailed read into both personal and company reviews and recommendations brings what you thought was your conclusion on the matter to a screeching halt. Yikes!

So, how do I pick out the best homeschool math curriculum for my homeschooler?


Read curriculum reviews with caution and don’t be afraid to contact other homeschool moms to ask for help before making a decision. You never know who has the curriculum you need lying around.


book a free 30-minute homeschool consultation where you can Ask Me Anything and I’ll help if I can.

Now what?

Firstly, you’ve taken the time to deschool and are aware of their preferred style of learning. Subsequently, testing out a few different math curriculum samples along the way, but not ready to commit to a specific math curriculum.

Not to worry, sometimes learning more information can be helpful in narrowing down your choice before purchasing a math curriculum.

In other words, if searching for the best math curriculum leaves you feeling overwhelmed or you don’t have time to develop a complete list of homeschool math curricula, I’ve done the work for you. 

In short, most curriculums break down into four different categories—

  • Mastery versus Spiral and 
  • Conceptual versus Procedural.

Here’s a quick overview of how curriculum writers break down their curriculum. 

Complete list of homeschool math curriculum girl sitting on floor reading

Mastery versus Spiral

Mastery curriculum

is traditionally a curriculum designed to focus on one concept at a time (i.e, decimals, additions, geometry).

Yes, all curriculum is intended for a child to understand all skills on a mastery level. However, in this case, the word mastery refers to how the lessons are presented and understood.  

Does your child learn well with repetition until the concept is understood? Then a mastery-developed curriculum would be the perfect fit.


homeschool parents could add in a spiral math curriculum in addition to mastery develop curriculum to mix up the lessons for encouragement and less rigidness.

However, a Spiral curriculum

is designed to teach math in more minor breakdowns and rotates frequently.

An example of a spiral math lesson would be introducing fractions, then moving on to multiplication, and eventually returning to the newly introduced concept of fractions.

In other words, a spiral curriculum is a constant review of the learned curriculum in a short amount of time. 

Additionally, you can add in mastery worksheet sheets to ensure gaps are being filled in and the new concept is continually practiced.

Conceptual versus Procedural

Conceptual math curriculum lives up to its name.

Its primary focus is to teach why math is designed to work this way.

For example, why do students need to know how to skip count before they learn how to multiply, thus tying the whole concept of multiplying together.

Conceptual math curriculum builds on ideas via visual processing and critical thinking. 

A procedural math curriculum

teaches homeschoolers how to complete each equation or procedure.

In other words, how to work out math problems the correct way to find the right answer. Procedural math is straight to the point and direct by using a step-by-step process to break down a problem and solve the equation.

In my opinion,

the procedural curriculum approach teaches using minimal examples and limited repetition, with very few manipulatives.


I do like the straight and to the point approach, which allows me, as the teacher, the opportunity to refresh my memory quickly.

Links to Homeschool Math Curriculum  teacher quote in field of grass

To sum up,

Find a curriculum that works for you and your child’s style of learning.

The design and intended use of a math curriculum are good to know.

Keep in mind.

There is no wrong or right curriculum when purchasing a math curriculum or any homeschool curriculum for that matter.

Remember, a homeschool curriculum is merely a tool designed to help you the teacher teach in a way your child can learn that suits both of you best. 

Online Math Elementary and Beyond

Time for Learning

Think Well 

Khan Academy

Online Math Learning

Beast Academy Online

World of Math Online

Math Help Homeschool Math

School Yourself

ALEKA Online Math

VideoText Interactive

Elementary Text-Book (*Both Text and Digital)

Exploration Creation with Mathematics

Ace Math PACEs

Abeka Math

ACSI Purposeful Design

BJU Press Math


Christian Liberty Press Math

Developmental Mathematics


*Horizon Math

Jacob’s Geometry 

Keys to… Series


Life of Fred

Making Math Meaningful

Masters Books Math

Math Facts that Stick

Math in Focus


Math U See

Miquon Math

Monarch Math 

Ray’s Arithmetic

Saxon Math

Shiller Math

Singapore Math

Spectrum Math

Switched-On School House Math

Teaching Taps Math

Times Tales

Dimension Math

and more.

Happy homeschooling!


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