Benefits of Taking Notes

As homemakers and even homeschool homemakers, the daily routines and habits never stop.

Sometimes it feels as though homeschool and homemaking tasks keep us busy enough that we may often forget to schedule a break now and then.

As everyday life moves along and bedtime creeps up on me, I often wonder if I left anything significant out of my to-do’s for the day? 

If I can’t remember to feed the cat or schedule enough time to iron, what makes me think that I’m going to remember “essential” to-do’s in my daily routine.

After forgetting or unintentionally leaving out essential matters of the day, I understand the importance of jotting things down. Jotting things down, taking notes, journaling, or writing simple to-do lists reveals a full picture of my complete daily schedule and keeps me productive. 

Printable Resource Block Schedule Template

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Taking notes or side notes, as I like to say, boosts my ability to retain information and keeps me on top of things. When I jot down my thoughts for the day, I’m comforted knowing I haven’t left out any details as my mind travels elsewhere to a land far, far, away.

Then I come back to reality and check off another task on my to-do list. 

I am happy to report that these phrases, “oops, that slipped my mind or my mind was elsewhere today,” are no longer being used.

If I have yet to convince you that note-taking is way cool,

then here are 4 more reasons why every homemaker and homeschool parent should take notes.

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4 Benefits of Taking Notes

Declutter the mind and reduce stress.

As our home awakens, our mind’s are overwhelmed with all that has to be done for the day. Jotting things down helps alleviate stress by decluttering our thoughts and reducing any negativity and stressors to a single sheet of paper.

As we write down the day’s intentions, we focus on what’s important as things of least importance fade away.


Visually seeing what lies ahead of me for the coming day, weeks, months helps me prioritize my checklist for the day.

I can then deduce my essential to-do’s and make a reasonable choice to choose quantity over quality and vice versa.

To speed clean or deep clean, that is the question?

Keeping Schedule

I can’t tell you how many times during the day I glance at the clock and say, “no way; it’s not that late!” Our homeschool schedule operates during specific chunks of time. A Block schedule planner is great to use not only for homeschool but for homemaking as well. 

I schedule blocks of time to complete tasks with no pressure. When I refer back to my morning notes, I can add any extra to-do to my block schedule.

For a free block schedule plannerclick here

Printable Resource Block Schedule Planner

Share my thoughts

Not only does taking notes help alleviate stress, declutter and organize my thoughts, but I can easily share my to-do with others.

As homemakers, we work hard daily. It is comforting to know that I can lighten my load when I jot my plans for the day down on paper or in an app and share away. 

Creativity and Budget

Homemaking takes on many roles and responsibilities. We are cooks, maids, personal shoppers, and the list goes on.

As any seasoned homemaker knows, our primary job is housekeeping, but what others fail to incorporate in our housekeeping category is interior designer. 

Sometimes keeping house requires new décor from time to time or adding a new gadget to aid in our daily housekeeping to-do’s. Note-taking allows me to get creative and budget for the latest home décor to properly keep our home functioning. 

Parting Thoughts

The benefits of taking notes are endless.

From keeping organized and on schedule to improving overall well-being jotting the possibilities are endless.

Take notes and take notice as you foster healthy habits in all areas of your life. Close multiple tabs in your brain the old fashion way as your pen hits the paper.


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