7 inspirational reasons why parents decide to homeschool 

So you’ve decided to homeschool or are at least looking into it. But are having a hard time coming up with reasons why parents decide to homeschool. I get it! I was once in the same boat, and the internet left me with more questions than answers.

Not only is the struggle very real, but personal. Before you make any rash decision, I’m here to answer all the when, where, and why questions. I mean. Who doesn’t want all answers to plaguing questions? Am I right?

7-inspirational-reasons-why-parents-decide-to-homeschool for the better. Students completing studies on a floor.
Learn 7 inspirational reasons why parents decide to homeschool for the better.

You’ll find 7 inspirational reasons why parents decide to homeschool for the better, but first, be sure to pick up your free guide, 6 Tips to Homeschool Succes, to help you get started on your journey today. Next, first and foremost, before we get started, know that you can choose to homeschool your child. The choice of can or cannot is not a struggle. The struggle is deciding why to homeschool? 

Let’s break it down into 7 inspirational reasons why parents choose to homeschool. Starting with why homeschooling is better than a traditional school. Is homeschooling worth the switch?

How do I switch from public school to homeschool?

Before switching from public school to homeschool, all parents ask why homeschool is better than traditional school? Did you know homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular for families and children? Why? Because schooling within the home provides better options than traditional schooling? Parents often make this decision out of a desire for better education. With this desire for better education comes a willingness to educate their children with a curriculum choice. Giving parents the freedom to spend more time with their kids. 

What a traditional school system is? 

Traditional schooling follows a local state government-mandated public school curriculum that may not suit your child’s learning style, development, or needs. Typically, this said curriculum speaks to students who learn baseline material visually or auditorily and may not reach below or above-average students. Thus, many parents turn towards homeschooling to provide a learning environment that allows creativity to flow and independent learning at their own pace and development. 

As a former public school teacher, it was my job to teach students what they needed to know. Additionally, what they should learn within a specific time frame. Keep in mind that it is not the job of the school system to them how to learn. Only what to learn.

7-inspirational-reasons-why-parents-decide-to-homeschool for the better. Chart showing the differences between homeschool and public school learning.
The differences between public school and homeschool education.

While there are capable public school teachers and excellent traditional schools available. The educational system cannot compare to the quality of the small student-to-teacher ratio found in homeschool education. When given a choice to choose quality over quantity, what would you choose? 

Homeschooling allows for educational quality and longer attention to complete and master a new skill. 

Quality usually whens the battle when it comes to considering a future in sustainability. Yes. While a traditional education system may provide each student with quantity and abundance of government-mandated curriculum for the average learner.

However, the quality of that student’s education is sacrificed in the learning process. That being said. Homeschooled students have extra time with you, the teacher, or a tutor. In return, learning takes place on a deeper intimate level. Compared to the traditional learning system of a 25 to 1 ratio of students to teachers. 

7-inspirational-reasons-why-parents-decide-to-homeschool for the better. Students reading books outside in a park.
Parents choose to homeschool either in the home or with a co-op.

As a homeschool parent, I enjoy seeing my children’s faces when they have an awe ha moment. It gives me great pleasure knowing I helped them achieve that or am a part of their learning process. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to have my children come home with an assignment and have no clue what the teacher taught them. Or how to help them. 

Identifying my children’s learning styles and what and how they like to learn makes all the difference.

For instance, did you know that both you and your child have different ways of learning? Do you know how important it is to determine how you and your child learn to teach a lesson effectively? Teachers teach based on the local government’s mandated curriculum for classroom use in a traditional school system. Once this curriculum is received. A teacher studies it. Then, presents it the way she learned it and may adjust it to typical learning styles, visual and auditory. 

Want to know your child’s dominant learning style? Take the quiz here

Students process the information and express their knowledge of new material via worksheets or mandated tests. What’s lost in translation are the students whose learning styles may be different. Or require a longer period of adjustment to learn new material and grasp new concepts.

For more on filling in learning gaps, click here.

Pencil and paper test results are not a true expression for non-traditional learning students to understand new concepts. Or mastery levels. Also, this process doesn’t consider that a classroom teacher’s teaching style may not be helpful to all students. 

With the help of a homeschooling environment suitable for that child’s needs. The learning process takes place in a time frame of their own pace, level, skill, and knowledge. Without the shame of failure. There’s no shame in bonding with your child. Or teaching them how to learn instead of what to learn of their own free will.

Start the bonding process off correctly with these deschooling tips, and then you are on your way to homeschooling success. 

Bonding with your child and cultivating memories that last a lifetime doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Cultivating a strong student-teacher bond is one of the best things I enjoy most about homeschooling. Can you recall a favorite teacher you had and the fond memories you shared learning with that teacher? Now, that teacher can be you. You and your child can form a strong bond around learning. Spending time together is how bonds are made.

7-inspirational-reasons-why-parents-decide-to-homeschool for the better. Students learning in a classroom setting showing the differences between homeschool and public school.
Homeschooling provides accountability, trust, and support in a one-on-one setting.

The deschooling process is the best way to get you started today. 

The traditional school systems are rigid and structured. While the structure isn’t bad, not allowing freedom within a schedule can lead to burnout. Traditional schools leave little to no time for leisure. This can put a sour taste in a learner’s mouth, which may learn best by taking breaks or independently. 

Homeschooling provides accountability, trust, and support between students and parents. Because the child knows that their parent or tutor will support them socially and academically. I am proud to say that I know my child can count on me to listen to their needs. Or address any needs that require changing with trust and confidence.

The easiest way to do this is by choosing a curriculum that meets your needs. Your students and your household. 

Customized curriculum and tailed learning create creative independence. 

As a homeschooling homemaker, if you choose to be both. You can decide what curriculum speaks to both you and your child. Yes, you as the teacher are allowed to make this choice with you in mind. After understanding how to homeschool, use the Homeschool 101 process and identify both you and your child’s dominant learning style. Identifying a curriculum is as simple as 1,2,3.

Yes, I have an educational background, but don’t let my education degree deter you from teaching your children. Keep yourself in mind. Remember, it’s okay to say no, I cannot do this. Let me give you an example. I am a visual learner. When I shop for a math curriculum, I have to choose a curriculum from which I can learn. If I cannot understand the lesson. Or how to teach each lesson to my child. I will not choose this curriculum.

There are many curriculums to choose from. That being said. It’s okay if you cannot find a curriculum that suits your teaching style and your child’s learning style. That’s what homeschool co-ops and tutors are for. Give yourself some grace and understanding when it comes to your school schedule. 

The best way to homeschool is confidence in your school schedule, pace, and hours.

Did you know? That homeschooled students can do what a traditional classroom might take a week or more to complete in a few hours? Homeschooled students learn faster. Because they are taught using methods that help them learn best and pay attention to how they learn best. How do decide to homeschool or not is up to you and your schedule, pace, and hours?  

Homeschooled students express interest in lesson plans and curriculum because they are free to make decisions for themself. This is not the case in public schools. This system is designed to fix the number of designated school hours into a box. If you’re on the fence deciding how to decide between homeschool and public school. Keep in mind you set the pace, hours, and schedule of your schooling needs. 

7-inspirational-reasons-why-parents-decide-to-homeschool for the better. Parents us a block schedule planner for homeschool scheduling.
Use this simple block schedule planner to schedule your homeschool day.

For example, I use a block schedule planner to carve out the time I need to homeschool. Or complete homemaking tasks in chunks of time. This way. I have many hours to complete chores or school. Instead of 20-minute chucks to teach a lesson as traditional school systems allows. Homeschool parents have the option to create flexible hours, a safe environment, and a location to meet homeschooling needs. 

Order your Simple Planner here! Include block schedule templates, lessons planner, and notes.

What are my options for homeschooling?

Homeschooling children have many options when it comes to curriculum and locations. For instance. Say you decided to homeschool. But needed to work from home part-time and do not like to teach core or elective subjects. In today’s society, parents can homeschool and homeschool outside the home with the help of homeschool co-ops and/or tutors. 

Parents have the opportunity to choose the best curriculum for their children. As a result. They can create flexible hours. Plus, decide on an alternative environment for their child outside of the home with the help of alternative locations.

Yes, not all homeschooling activities or lessons have to occur within the home. There are many locations and services out there designed with homeschoolers in mind. Many locations provide core curriculum services and testing and college prep as well.

Can you switch from public school to homeschool without taking state-mandated test scores and college entry exams?

Yes. Depending on your country or state, homeschooled students can switch from public school to homeschool without state-mandated exams. Once unrolled from a public school system in Texas, it is our choice to take state or college exams.

If I wanted to. I could send my children to a testing center. To make sure they meet the state standards of what each grade level is supposed to know. If I ever choose to transition my children into public school, they will meet their grade level requirements. 

Most co-ops or universities offer dual enrollment for homeschoolers and are eager to have homeschoolers participate. However, suppose you are homeschooling in a state or country that requires your homeschooler to take state-mandated exams.

In that case, most homeschool curriculums keep your state in mind. Some offer help and testing options to meet the state requirements. Tutors allow an additional choice depending on your budget.

How can I afford to homeschool? 

This is a choice only you and your family can make. There are many curriculums out there that are free and easy to use. Many co-ops and tutors offer discounts to homeschooling families when needing to choose this option. Single-family income is another factor in deciding why parents choose to homeschool. 

For instance, our family lives within our means, and I chose to work online for extra expenses. I know you will make the best decision for you and your child. If you would like to chat more about this. Don’t delay. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how I can help you meet your homeschool needs today. 

7-inspirational-reasons-why-parents-decide-to-homeschool for the better. Student learning in a classroom setting,
Ask me anything during your free homeschool consultation. Sign up today!

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I hope these 7 inspirations reasons why parents decide to homeschool make it easier to decide. Every day is an adventure in our homeschool journey. If you need more help teaching and planning or making an informed decision, please comment below, and I’ll support you!

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